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Custom Cakes


Cake Estimates

This is an estimate only. Prices are subject to change. Please contact us to place a custom cake order. Custom cake orders require a minimum of 14 day advance notice.

Cake Flavors

Vanilla--light and fluffy, like white cake should be 
Wedding Cake--delicate with flavors of vanilla and almond
Italian Creme--tender white cake with coconut and walnuts
Lemon--tender and tart, with fresh lemon juice and zest
Strawberry--vanilla cake with chunks of fresh berries
Chocolate--the best chocolate cake in the universe, moist, dark, and mysterious
Red Velvet--moist and dense, with hints of almond and cocoa
Carrot--delectible with warm spices, fresh carrots, and pineapple
Pumpkin--moist and soft, full of pumpkin spice flavor
Spice--tender cake with warm spices
Coconut--coconut milk and flakes for maximum coconut flavor
Pina Colada--coconut and pineapple for a tropical treat
Yellow--the perfect butter cake
Hummingbird--dense and spicy, with bananas, pineapple, and pecans
Lavender--delicate floral flavor and a tender crumb
Golden Milk--flavors of coconut, warm spices, and turmeric
Mayan Chocolate--moist chocolate cake with warm spices and chili pepper

Other flavors available by special request

Gluten free and allergen free options available on all our cake flavors

Buttercream Round Cake Options

6"   (serves 8)   $65
8"   (serves 15) $75
9"   (serves 25) $85
10" (serves 40) $95
12" (serves 60) $115


Tiered Cake Sizes and Servings

6inch-8inch    (serves 25-35)       $205
6inch-9inch    (serves 35-45)       $235
6inch-10inch  (serves 45-55)       $255
8inch-10inch  (serves 65-85)       $305
8inch-12inch  (serves 85-95)       $345
6in-8in-10in    (serves 75-105)     $600
6in-8in-12in    (serves 85-115)      $625
8in-10in-12in  (serves 125-155)   $725


Additional sizes and tier combinations available

Sheet Cakes

1/4 sheet (serves 30-40) $85

1/3 sheet (serves 45-50) $105

1/2 sheet (serves 50-65) $125

Full sheet (serves 100-125) $205

Cake Add-ons

Customize your cake with these fun additions
Buttercream artwork +$20/tier
Fondant artwork (simple) +$25/tier
Fondant artwork (complex) +$50/tier
Gumpaste bow +$10/tier
Gumpaste flower +$5/flower
2D character +$25
3D character +$55
Unicorn package +$15
Edible images +$5/sheet
Fresh flowers +$15/tier
Fresh fruit +$10/tier
Carved cake pricing varies with design
Cupcakes $36/dozen

We are very excited to help you plan a cake for your event!  If this quote does not meet your budget, please contact us as we can provide more budget friendly options.  Please remember we require a minimum of 14 days advance notice on custom orders.
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